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AS-2085 Wishbone Splitting Kit for 1935-1940 Ford

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AS-2085 Wishbone Splitting Kit for 1935-1940 Ford



Please note, All Swap Meet Sales "AS-IS" and "FINAL"

AS-2085 Wishbone Splitting Kit for 1935-1940 Ford



1935-1940 Ford wishbone splitting kit bolts to the x-rails in order to spread the wishbone the minimum possible. Uses 3/4" heavy duty ends. Must be welded to the wishbone. Comes complete with hardware & instructions.


Installation Instructions for AS-2085 Wishbone Splitting Kit for 1935-1948 Ford and Mercury Car and Pickup Truck


1. Before cutting or removing original wishbone, take accurate measurements from outer axle to a spot near the wishbone socket. Measure each side and make notes. These are reference points so the axle can be installed in the same spot.

2. Decide where you want to mount the new brackets and bolt to the x-rails. Keep the rods as long as possible and ends as close together as possible. Tie rod ends fasten to the inside of the bracket.

3. Cut wisbone ends apart and insert threaded tube and tie rod end. Spread wishbone apart and install tie rod end in the bracket. Threaded tube should extend out of radius rod one inch. Mark rod end for later cut.

Check measured distances and mark both sides. Wishbone and axle can now be removed as a unit.


4. Cut rod at mark and also in a 1/4" wide 3" long strip down the seam. Rod should now be worked with a hammer and anvil so that it fits the outside of the threaded rod.

Do not just weld around the end, take your time and do it properly.

5. Weld down the 3" seam making sure weld penetrates to the internal threaded tube. Weld around the end. because welding can distort, it is a good idea to retap the tube (3/4" NF). Install tie rod end and lock nut.

6. Splitting the wishbone will also angle the front spring hangers.


They must be straightened by heating and bending.


7. Reinstall axle, and adjust using the reference points you noted earlier. At least 1" of threads should be in tube for safety.