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AS-2089 Steering Adapter for 1935-1936 Ford

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AS-2089 Bolt On Steering Adapter for 1935-1936 Ford


Please note, All Swap Meet Sales "AS-IS" and "FINAL"

AS-2089 Bolt On Steering Adapter for 1935-1936 Ford


Mount GM steering gear, standard or power, to your 1935-1936 Ford with this kit. Chassis Engineering kits have a reinforcement bracket added to cure a weak point in the Ford mount. Late column or early can be fitted.


Installation Instructions for AS-2089 Steering Adapter for 1935-1936 Ford

Fits GM Steering Boxes (1965)


1. Remove old steering column, and seperate tie rod from pitman arm.


2. Hold adapter plate in position against steering box and frame to visualize positioning. Spacers face steering box. Be sure the plate fits the steering gear. On some units a flange on the steering box may need to be grinded away (there are a few "granny" boxes that will not fit because they have a larger barrel)


3. Drill lower mount hole on frame to 7/16". File outside ends of both mounting slots to take a 7/16" bolt.


4. Bolt adapter plate to frame using 2 flathead bolts and one hex head bolt. Drill 7/17" hole through front mounting hole in plate and original steering mount on frame. Now bolts steering box to adapter, then to frame.


5. The front upper bolt is tough, so tighten it first. One method is to drill a 1/2" hole in frame directly oposite bolt head, insert a 3/8" drive extension, add the socket and tighten. Now tighten all bolts, except the top one.


6. Place short L-brace on top and bolt to adapter plate.


Note: If steering gear has 4 mounting holes, then bolt will screw into the gearbox. If not, then use a nut on the back side. Drill through brace and frame top lip, install bolt through frame and tighten.


7. We recommend the 1974-1976 Olds Cutlass or Buick Regal (5 3/4") Pitman arms for power steering and Chevell 1964-1965 (5") Pitman arms for manual. Pitman arms must be changed to extend forward.


8. The drag link will need to be shortened about 3/4". This can usually be done by using the adjustment already there. Gearbox should be in exact center position with wheels pointed straight ahead. This is IMPORTANT.



For easier installation, clean threaded holes in thearing gear with a tap before installing.

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