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CS-1119 Chevy V8 Engine Mounts 19 inch

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Universal Chevy V8 Motor Mounts for 22-26 inch wide frames.



These universal Chevy V8 motor mounts fit the following engines:

  • Chevy V8, 1958-up : 283, 302, 307, 327, 350, 400 CI Small Block
  • Chevy V8, 1965-up : 396, 402, 427, 454 CI Big Block
  • Chevy V6 with the distributor at rear

Other versions of these universal Chevy V8 engine mounts:

  • CS-1117, 17 inch Chevy V8 Motor Mounts
  • CS-1119, 19 inch Chevy V8 Motor Mounts (this product)
  • CS-1119OS, 19 inch Chevy V8 Motor Mounts (with a 1-3/4 inch left side offset)
  • CS-1119OOS, 19 inch Chevy V8 Motor Mounts (with a 1-3/4 inch dual side offset)
  • CS-1122, 22 inch Chevy V8 Motor Mounts
  • CS-1122OS, 22 inch Chevy V8 Motor Mounts (with a 1-3/4 inch left side offset)
  • CS-1122OOS, 22 inch Chevy V8 Motor Mounts (with a 1-3/4 inch dual side offset)


Note: Before going the universal route, have a look at our complete motor mount kits here, link, and see if there is a motor mount kit for your truck or car listed. If there is, use that kit instead.


Universal Motor Mount Tips & Tricks:


To determine the length you need for the motor mount, measure the frame width as follows:


  • For boxed frames, measure the distance on the inside of the frame between the boxing plates:


  • For channel frames, measure the distance on the inside of the frame between the side walls of the frame rails.




Then use the information in the diagram below to determine the length needed for the motor mount:



Note: If you are using one of our engine cross members , instead of one of our frame adapters, use 19 inch universal motor mount sets.



For best results, have a look at the universal frame adapters selection on our website to find a matching set of frame mounts for your particular car or truck frame. Of course we recommend using our street rod-engineered SS-0011 engine cushion set with Thru Bolt Construction for safety, stability and durability.

SS-0011 Universal Engine Cushion Set

For additional tips on engine mounting, have a look at our Common Sense Engine Mounts blog post, located here, and our One Technique for Engine Swapping blog post, located here.

Both posts go into some detail as to what comes into play when swapping/installing a new engine, and should help in doing it right the first time.


For use with CS-1119 Universal Chevy V8 Motor Mount Set (19 inch).

Universal Chevy V8 Motor Mount Set

Chassis Engineering Installation Instructions for Universal Chevy V8 Motor Mount Set

Installation Instructions for CS-1119 Universal Chevy V8 Engine Mounts (19")


Important note: Please read the instructions before starting your motor mounting/installation.

Step 1: Start with boxing the frame. 

When you are boxing the frame, keep the frame level at the front and rear. If the frame has a slight twist, components will not fit properly.

Step 2: Use a carpenter's type level to check the top surface of the frame when the frame is right side up and upside down. 

Step 3: Clamp angle iron across top of frame rails, then tack weld to ensure frame and installation will be square.

Recheck often.


Step 4: Reinforcing plate goes on the outside of the frame, then fill the gap with weld. Remember to spot-weld first and recheck the frame to make sure it is square.

Step 5: The frame adapter will likely need some adjustment before attaching to the boxing plates. 

Due to many variables involved, it is not possible to produce a 100% sure fit for all installations, so some slight fitting is needed.  Our frame adapters have some playroom to make sure it all fits properly and securely.

Fit the frame adapters based on the measurements in the drawing below. Measurement A depends on the year of the car, type of firewall used, particular engine, water pump length and transmission used.


Make sure the frame mounts are straight and level, then tack them in place. Make sure to double check all measurements before finishing the final welding of your parts. 

All steering and exhaust should be checked at this time as well.

Bolt the motor mounts to engine block, and install your engine.


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    Quality product

    Posted by Bryan on 28th Aug 2016

    These mounts are well built with top notch welding.