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CS-6419 Buick V6 Engine Mounts 19 inch

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CS-6419 Buick V6 Engine Mounts 19 inch


Please note, All Swap Meet Sales "AS-IS" and "FINAL"

Chassis Engineering CS-6419 comes as a pair of Universal Buick V6 Engine Mounts for 22 inch or wider frames.


19 inch Engine mounts fit Buick V-6 with front distributor 1961-up

Note: Before going the universal route, have a look at our complete engine mount kits here, link, and see if there is a swap kit for your car listed. If there is, use that kit instead.


To determine the length for the engine mount, measure the frame width:

  • For boxed frames, measure the distance on the inside of the frame between the boxing plates:


  • For channel frames, measure the distance on the inside of the frame between the side walls of the frame rails.



Then use the information below to determine the length you need.


Note: If you are using one of our engine crossmembers instead of our frame adapters, use 19 inch engine mounts.


For best results, have a look at our universal frame adapters selection to find a matching set of mounts for your particular car frame, and use our streetrod-engineered SS-0011 engine cushion set with Thru Bolt Construction for safety, stability and durability.

SS-0011 Universal Engine Cushion Set

For some tips on engine mounting, have a look at our Common Sense Engine Mounts blog post, located here, and our One Technique for Engine Swapping blog post, located here. Both posts go into some detail on what comes into play when swapping/installing an engine, and should help in doing it right the first time.