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ES-1193 Transmission Mounting Kit for 1952-1954 Chevy (PowerGlide,700R,Standard)

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Please note, All Swap Meet Sales "AS-IS" and "FINAL"



ES-1193 Transmission Mounting Kit for 1952-1954 Chevy (PowerGlide,700R,Standard)


Transmission Mounting Kit fits 1952-54 Chevy. Original 3 Speed,Powerglide, & 700R OD transmissions . This is a weld on kit.


Installation Instructions for ES-1192 Transmission Mount for Original 3 Speed,Powerglide, & 700R OD Transmission for 1952-1954 Chevy Car.

Use Chassis Engineering Transmission Cushion Set SS-0112 (link)


1. Clamp side plates to the crossmember center as shown


2. Center side to side with tabs against top crossmember lips. Be sure everything is straight, level and centered. Important: make sure the plates line up with eachother.

3. Weld the front and rear plates in place.

4. Cut the exposed part of the original crossmember away:


It should now be level with new plates.

5. Fit top mounting plate into place. Grind any interference or excess away. Rear of top plates and rear side panel should fit like below for proper line up and welding. Upper lips should line up.


6. When fitting is done, clamp into place and finish weld.