Chassis Engineering Inc. founder Roy A. Lewis passed away Tues. October 17th, 2017.

Services will be Saturday October 21, 2017.

Visitation 10am, Celebration of Life 12pm.

Henderson Barker Funeral Home in West Branch, IA

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

TM-8008S Traction Bar

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TM-8008S Traction Bar



works with all Chassis Engineering Inc Complete Leaf Spring Rear End Kits


Prevent axle wrap and wheel hop with these Chassis Engineering Traction Bars for your Chassis Engineering Inc Leaf Spring Rear End.

When pulling a heavy load, normally the leaf springs absorb the torque placed on the back axle. The strain put on the springs can result in temporarily warping them, the axle trying to move forward while the load is holding things back, resulting in the springs turning into somewhat of an S-shape. When the power finally results in a smooth movement of your vehicle and the load, the spring snaps back, causing a bit of a skip (hop) on the wheels.

These traction bars prevent this from happening, resulting in a smoother pull and extend the life of your springs in the process.


This kit is specifically designed to work with all Chassis Engineering Inc Leaf Spring Rear End Kits, and is completely bolt-on.

It doesn't get easier to install. These traction bars mount on parts of the rear end kit, and requires no welding or drilling.


Important Note: This kit works with Chassis Engineering Leaf Spring Rear End Kits ONLY!

When you order, please specify the car/truck model you have.


Installation Instructions for TM-8008S Traction Bar Kit for Chassis Engineering Leaf Spring Rear Ends


Before you start, make sure to support the rear leaf springs and frame with Jack Stands.


Front Traction Bar Mounting Bracket:

1. Install the rubber bump stop to the top of the front traction bar mounting bracket.

2. Replace the front spring hanger bolt of original Chassis Engineering Inc. Complete Rear End Mounting Kit with enclosed, longer 1/2" x 5-1/2" bolt as shown.


Rear Traction Bar Mounting Bracket:

1. Remove U-bolts and nuts from original Chassis Engineering Inc. Rear End kit that hold the lower shock plates in place.

2. Install Rear Traction Bar mounting bracket to bottom of shock plate. Reinstall U-bolts and tighten nuts in place.


Traction Bars:

1. Install jam nuts and adjusters. Install the traction bars with adjustable end in the front mounting bracket and the bushing end in the rear mounting bracket.


2. Begin with traction bars adjusted so that there is approx 1/4" between bump stop and bottom frame rail. Adjust if needed. For a quicker response, lengthen traction bar to move bumpstop tighter against frame rail. For a less abrupt response, shorten traction bar to increase distance between frame rail and bump stop.



1. Be sure the traction bars clear the scrub line, the line even with the bottom of the vehicle's rims. There are approx 3-3/8" from the bottom of the existing shock plate to the bottom of rear traction bar mounting bracket.

2. If you are running 14" wheels with lowering blocks, use caution as tou may be below the scrub line.